Luke 8:22-25 – Stormy Days

Read Luke 8:22-25

These short verses really speak volumes, don’t they?

Jesus has a plan; he wants to go across the lake. For the moment, think about a plan he has for you, perhaps you have been convicted of something that you are felt led to do to further his kingdom. Now back to the story.

The disciples apparently agree, for off they go. First lesson – obedience, follow the Lord’s direction. I suppose Jesus was tired and knew a trip across the lake would afford him a good rest. Did he know they’d encounter a storm? Was it a test for his disciples? The Sea of Galilee,  the lake they were crossing, is known for it’s strong storms, and they can produce monstrous waves I’m told.

The scene shifts quickly to the mighty storm. The disciples, some of them expert fisherman familiar with steering a boat, are terrified. Think of your life. Not all smooth sailing? How did you feel when things seemed out of control? Perhaps you’re in the middle of a storm or crisis right now. What feelings are you experiencing? Fear, dread, overwhelm, sadness, worry?

It’s natural for us to feel like we’ve been abandoned when we go through struggles. Like our disciples did in the story, wondering where was Jesus? In our feelings of hopelessness we can easily lose sight of the solution, of our guardian’s mighty hand. We lose our faith. Why is that? The devil is a crafty one with all sorts of tricks up his sleeve. Those feelings I mentioned — they are not of God. They are the tools used by the evil one to cloud our judgement and dissolve our faith.

Same was true for the disciples. Jesus called them out on it. “Where is your faith?” That was sure a wake up call for them. Having the storm die down at his command would have been a surprise enough leaving them speechless. Imagine that your fear was gone instantly, just like that! While you’re gaping with your mouth open, you hear Jesus asking, “Where is your faith?”

I’m right there with you. Convicted. Our second lesson is to never lose faith. Never let the devil fill us with those ugly feelings of fear, unworthiness, doubt, loneliness, plus those mentioned before.

God was faithful through it all, wasn’t he? You may even think back to times in your life when your struggles were paralyzing you. Do you now see God in those times? He was patiently waiting for you. He was gently nudging you to your solution. You were never ever alone.

Take some time to thank God for his faithfulness.

Let’s pray. Lord, I thank you for always having my back. I’ve been through some pretty horrible stuff and yet you were faithful. Forgive me for not trusting in you and for losing sight of you and your promise to never leave or forsake me. I thank you for the courage you give me daily to live my life for you now. It feels so good to be in your will and to be helping other people. Cleanse my heart of those fears and lies of the evil one that still hold me back from being the best me I can be. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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