Luke 6:43-49 – What’s in Your Heart?

Read Luke 6:43-49

Jesus’ own words, “What you say flows from what is in your heart.” He has been talking about good and bad trees, as well as good and evil people. We have all seen a bad apple. Can we assume it came from a bad tree and all of those apples were bad? If worms have infested one, they have likely taken over.

Here in Mexico, I’ve seen my share of ugly looking fruit. That was just the outside. You have no idea how delicious the fruit is on the inside. Probably the best fruit I’ve ever eaten. You would never find “ugly” fruit like that for sale in the United States in a grocery store produce department. Sad. How many times have we given up on someone because of their appearance? We have lost an opportunity for their inner beauty to radiantly shine.

So, healthy trees produce healthy fruit and good people are helpful and loving. What comes from our mouths, starts in our hearts.

Jesus goes on to rebuke some folks and he surely ruffled some feathers. There were a lot of people following Jesus and listening to his words. He knew that not everyone was really listening. They were hearing his words, but when it came to putting into practice what he was saying, they disregarded his teaching all together.

Are we like that? Do we read the Bible, hear the truth proclaimed, yet go our own way? We may even fool ourselves and think we are obeying Jesus’ words, but are we really?

Think of the last time you made a decision. Did you go to God in prayer first? What about the Sabbath – we had that reading just a few days back. Do you keep a day sacred and devoted to God? I’m guilty of avoiding people I don’t like. I wouldn’t say they are my “enemy,” but they do stir up in me a negative feeling, a judgmental stance that I don’t like to have. I need to love them and get over myself.

Let’s do a heart check. Are you building a strong foundation or will you be swept away with the next catastrophe? Are you relying on Jesus with your whole life, or just the part that you feel you can give right now? Take an inventory. This may be uncomfortable. What does your heart look like?

Let’s pray. Father God, I ask for forgiveness for the unclean thoughts that often cloud my vision and purpose. Help me to refresh and restart my brain and my heart to be more aligned with your purpose for my life. Thank you for laying out the beautiful blueprint for me to follow. I need to hear and do, listen and engage. It’s not hard, you have paid the price to make the way easy. May I rest in your grace today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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4 thoughts on “Luke 6:43-49 – What’s in Your Heart?”

  1. That is so true. When I was younger, I made decisions without praying and regretted it. More recently, when I have needed to make an important decision, I have gotten a down on my knees and prayed about it. Sometimes I had to be patient for an answer, but I know God will give it to me at the right time. Thank you for this.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Kevin. I think we’ve all done things in our “younger days” that was a little bold and didn’t always turn out right. I’ve had my share of those “go it alone” moments. But looking back, I was never alone. God’s hand was always there gently nudging me back on course. My mistakes have led me to the person I am today! God was always faithful! Have a blessed day!

  2. It’s interesting that you say that you had your share of ugly looking fruit that happened to be good in the inside. For Jesus, when he was talking about fruits and the words coming from our mouth, make me think at how he said to the Pharisees that thy were appearing good, just and right on the outside, but how they were rotten inside.

    It puts things in perspective I think. It shows that, we cannot judge on the appearance, which we often do.

    1. Very true, Guy! We are often quick to judge. Don’t know what’s going on inside another! We do know Jesus can cleanse us no matter how ugly! Have a blessed day!

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