Luke 18:35-43 – Be Bold in Your Faith

Read Luke 18:35-43

This may seem like just another miracle story, but there is more here. How did the blind man call out to Jesus? He didn’t say, “Hey you” or even “Hey Jesus!” He called to the “Son of David.” This is significant because it reveals that this man was not blind to the identity of Jesus. Son of David would point to Jesus as the Messiah, the descendant of David, their promised King.

Jesus wanted to know this man’s desire. After all, he was a beggar, perhaps he just wanted coins or enough food for his daily needs. But this man who knew who Jesus was wanted to see. His sight was immediately restored, and Jesus proclaimed that his faith had healed him. His faith in Jesus as the Son of God, the promised Messiah, truly a faith without seeing.

What was the man’s response? Praise. Praise to God. Contagious praise to God because it says those who saw it also praised God. The connection between Jesus and God was clear at this moment. What a life changing moment for this man. He had been given more than wealth, he’d been given divine healing through Jesus, the Nazarene who was just passing by.

How does this story resonate with you? Many of us get complacent in our faith and forget how to boldly ask for what we want. Jesus stands ready for us, too, asking how he can help. What is your response? What issue are you struggling with? Do you have strong enough faith to be assured of the answer? The blind man knew he had to ask, he believed and Jesus healed. We need that boldness.

It’s also easy to take God for granted, isn’t it? We know he is there watching over our lives. Yet he wants to be more than an observer and bystander. God wants to have a relationship with us. He will never barge in, but waits for us to ask him. He is working behind the scenes, and we need to open our blind eyes to see him and acknowledge him in our lives. How much richer our lives could be if we only built that relationship.

So why don’t we? What are we waiting for? The blind man was lucky enough to have Jesus pass by. We, too, are lucky, because Jesus isn’t just passing by our lives, he is close by ready for us to raise our hand and ask or take his hand and go and do. Don’t let busyness be your excuse. Don’t let past hurts and regrets stand in your way. The time is now to be bold in your faith so you can enjoy the rest of your life in relationship with God.

Let’s pray. Lord forgive me for when I turn the other way and let other things become a priority in my day, in my life. I long for the boldness of the blind man to call on you for what I want, knowing that you will provide. If my wants are selfish and not for the benefit of others, help me redirect my focus. There isn’t anything that is not in your control, and I thank you for that beautiful truth. Walk with me and show me the people you have for me to talk to today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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