Judges 5:1-11 – Deborah’s Song

Read Judges 5:1-11

There is some good stuff in Deborah’s Song, so we’ll unpack it slowly over the next few readings. There is no reason to rush through a chapter when we can take time to savor how it is speaking to us. I’ve known people who have studied for months, even years, on just a few verses! God’s word is alive, and it always brings new messages when the time is right.

We now start to imagine the victory chants that took place when Deborah’s words, actually God’s message to Deborah, came true! They had defeated their foe, and even the earth trembled. That speaks to me of the great communion of God with his creation. When God’s will is being accomplished, we can expect to witness a movement taking place.

God may work behind the scenes much of the time, but when he wants attention he knows how to get it! Think of a time when you witnessed God moving in grand ways. Sometimes it’s easier to look back and see God’s fingerprints all over a situation. When we’re in the middle of something, even a crisis, we may not see how God has been rescuing us all along. Don’t rush past taking some time right now.

I love looking to see God’s fingerprints on my life. There is something reassuring and very calming about it, even if it’s after the fact. I can feel secure in knowing that when troubles come (and they will), I am not alone.

The people in Deborah’s Song are definitely praising God for his provision. They can see God’s fingerprints all over what is happening. Raising up Deborah to save them has made all the difference. It sounds like the people were living in fear under the enemy leadership.

God can raise up angels for us, too. While Deborah was a “judge,” she was certainly an angel in disguise for the people. She was a spokeperson for God, and they trusted her. I strongly believe that God sends angels or equips ordinary people to be angels for a purpose. It’s like having his own personal army on the ground to rescue his people. What do you think about that?

We can’t forget one thing. To be grateful and to share the good news. “They recount the righteous victories of the Lord and the victories of his villagers in Israel.” It’s easy for us, too, to share about how God has given us victory over some battle in our lives. Sometimes we forget how easy it is. It’s our story. Nobody can say it isn’t so! Look for opportunities to share your story of God’s mercy with someone today.

praying hands looking up

Let’s pray …
Lord, I am so grateful for how you have blessed me in my life. Each time I feel afraid and unsure, help me remember to turn to you, cling to you if I have to, and be ready to do your will. Give me the boldness to share my story. Use it to help someone find their way to you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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