John 20:24-31 – Let Me See

Read John 20:24-31

Eight days have passed since the disciples saw Jesus behind locked doors. We learn today that Thomas was not there when Jesus appeared to them before. Thomas wasn’t going to believe his friends without seeing for himself.

How many times have we encountered people who need proof? Maybe it’s us. Maybe we have a hard time truly grasping all we read in the Bible. Maybe we are holding out for some confirmation that what we read is true.

What was Jesus’ reaction in today’s reading? He knew exactly what Thomas needed, and before Thomas could say a word, Jesus said, “Look.” Jesus understands there will be doubters. He obviously knows who they are. Even today, people cry out to God with requests to “show yourself,” “let me know you are there,” “if this is you, God, give me a sign.”

We do want confirmation that we are on the right track. At least that’s my biggest concern. I want to be living in God’s will for my life. I’ve gotten past the stumbling block of believing in a God I can’t see, touch, or smell.

I can hear him speak through his word, and if I listen really close, I can hear him speak to my heart. But Jesus doesn’t scream loudly. At least not to me. It’s a small quiet, peaceful voice. It’s contentment or an affirmation. I love it when I read a message in his word at just the right time.

In our time of communion at church, I taste Jesus in the juice/wine and bread. I take myself back to the time Jesus told his disciples to do this to remember him until he returned. We know that memories can easily fade, so it is important to keep our faith in Jesus alive with acts of adoration and praise.

John’s words that close this chapter remind us that this book is for us. It is to help us believe. There is a benefit to us when we do believe. John tells us we will have life by the power of Jesus’ name. Our future is secure. We will have Jesus forever. Let Jesus’ words empower you today. “Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.”

Let’s pray. Lord, these are challenging times. May I feel your presence and sense your nearness today. You have designed this beautiful life of mine, and I want to live it to give you the glory. Help me to cast away any doubts or lies I have told myself which are holding me back from a closer walk with you. May I be still and listen for you to direct my path and give me my assignment. Use me God for your purposes. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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