John 20:11-18 – What are You Looking For?

Read John 20:11-18

Seeing white robed angels isn’t a common everyday happening, is it? Yet, our text would lead us to believe that Mary was okay with it. I might be a little shocked to look into an empty tomb only to find it wasn’t empty. How about you – would you have startled at least a little?

I suppose I should keep in mind that Mary was in the throws of grieving. Some may even say she was blinded by it. Especially when it came to recognizing Jesus. But when she heard him say her name, she must have thought she was hearing things. She surely didn’t expect to see Jesus alive! She hadn’t figured out this whole resurrection thing he had talked about.

I’m sure we are all still a bit perplexed at the whole miracle, too. What did you think when you first heard about Jesus’ death and resurrection? Did you have questions? As we hear the story, again and again, we should never let its impact lessen. Our Christian faith depends on this. Without Jesus’ victory over death, there is no meaning to Christianity.

Some have never heard or understood that Jesus is alive. His death was not the end. It’s our job to make sure they hear. The story is still being written. We are Jesus’ present day disciples. How are we living out our faith?

Mary was asked this question, “who are you looking for?” What if someone asked you that same question? What are we searching for? Who is Jesus to us? Have we let our faith journey come to a standstill or are we still growing? How do you find Jesus when you’re looking for direction in your life?

Take some time today to imagine yourself searching near the tomb. When Jesus finds you, what will he see?

Let’s pray. Lord, I sometimes feel like I take you for granted. I know you are always there beside me, yet I often forget to acknowledge you and what you are doing every day to fight my battles. Forgive me for not being more grateful. Forgive me when my faith loses its intensity. Refresh me. Renew my mind. May I look for and find you in all circusmtances. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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