Jeremiah 35:1-19 – What Makes the Recabites Faithful?

Read Jeremiah 35:1-19

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It was interesting to hear the story of the Rechabites and how they are singled out for God’s purposes. Apparently, the Rechabites were a small group of Israelites, related to the Kenites, living in southern Judah. They hadn’t let the corruption of foreign gods discolor their faithfulness. In fact, this passage illustrates how the Rechabites exemplify what it means to be faithful and true.

In the example we’re shown, this faithfulness extends to a rule they had been given by a loved one. I found it strange there was no direct mention of God or their devotion to him. Their actions point to a devout vow that must have been started to avoid being distracted by wine and spirits.

It’s like the Rechabites’ attitude toward following rules opened their hearts. They didn’t question or debate about the vow, they just followed it. What if our faith in God looked like that? Devoted. 100%.

Maybe your faith is boundless. I’m so thrilled for you! For me, there are times when I rebel against what God is telling me to do. I think, “I think I can figure out a way through this using something on my own.” Why? God’s way is always better. Sometimes I just need to stumble before I can see that.

God had a reason to call out the Rechabites as part of this prophecy. But Jeremiah, too, should be applauded. He did what God had told him to do. That’s a great honor to God. He rounded up the Rechabites and brought them to the temple. Do you think Jeremiah knew he was part of a “test” to see if they would stay true to their vow if offered wine in the temple?

Consider the extent of devotion the Rechabites had for their vow and apply that to your love for God. A lesson like this in faithfulness is never out of style. Solomon writes in Proverbs 2:8 in describing God: “He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to him.”

How about you? What does your faith journey look like? Is it bumpy or smooth? Perhaps a little of both. Maybe it goes invisible for a season, but then reappears as if a light switch was turned on. Certainly, we’re beaming, because we have the light of Christ burning inside us!

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Let’s pray … Lord, you are so good, and your faithfulness endures forever. Help me to be faithful in all circumstances. Thank you for how you have provided for me and protected me through some tough times. I am forever grateful that you rescued my heart. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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