Hosea 13:1-16 – What Makes You Angry?

Read Hosea 13:1-16

We see what has made God angry. His people have turned away from him. He has tried to reconcile, but his requests have been ignored. Verse 4 sums it up and even speaks to us. “I have been the Lord your God ever since I brought you out of Egypt. You must acknowledge no God but me, for there is no other savior.” There is no other savior. Jesus Christ is the truth, the way and the life. He is the ONLY way to the Father.

Think of what makes you angry, and then multiply that times infinity. God is infinite. His plans are now underway. It is not going to be a pretty sight by any means. It is fury like this that has given people a picture of God that is less than favorable. How could a loving God rip his people up and let them be exposed to such destruction?

We may forget how accommodating God has been. How he has rescued his people time and again. As he says here, he has given them what they wanted. He is referring to the kings. You may recall he had sent Judges first to try and keep peace and bring wisdom to the people. They were already starting to grumble and be ungrateful while in the wilderness. In their greed and wanting to “keep up with the Joneses”, they asked for kings to rule them like their neighbors had. If kings were good for other nations, they must be good for the Israelites, too.

Have you ever done that as a parent? Had a child ask for something you knew would not be the best for them, but gave it to them anyway? Perhaps it was soda pop, candy, or a toy when their toy box was already overflowing. What happened? Did it satisfy them for good? Or, did they soon tire of it and want more of the same or something even worse for them?

God had every right to feel anger. His power and provision was not enough. His love had been trampled on. Rather than act in haste, God issued a warning to his people. He gave them a chance to get right with him, to realize the stupidity of their ways.

Are there any verses in today’s reading that puzzle you? Drop a note in the comments and I’ll see what I can do to find an answer for you. Remember, we brought our library with us, and I’m just waiting to do a little research to help you out with your burning questions.

Let’s pray. Father God I am sorry for the pain you feel when your people turn from you to other idols. Forgive me when I have been one of them. It’s easy to say I would listen if you sent a prophet to warn me. I believe that is true. Lead me in the direction you want for me to go. Help me overcome obstacles that rest in my way. Show me the people you want me to touch. I will wait upon you. In the meantime I praise you with all that I am. Be blessed. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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