Hosea 11:12-12:14 – New Chapter

Read Hosea 11:12 – 12:14

If the reading looks disjointed today, it’s because a new section started at the very end of chapter 11. I wanted to keep the thoughts together. I see that happen, especially in the New Testament. Chapters flow into new chapters.

It’s kind of like that with life, too. One chapter of our life may not close before a new chapter begins. They can run concurrently for a while. Or, the new chapter once opened, immediately extinguishes the preceding chapter.

Think of some of the scene changes or new chapters in your life. Have you always been a follower of Jesus? If not, what did that conversion process look like? What changes do you foresee in your near future? Perhaps you have a big change coming, how are you preparing?

For me, our retirement to Mexico is probably the biggest life change I’ve ever experienced. Many people retire, and many people move abroad. Some do both at the same time like us! We felt God was really working this process for us. Thinking back, the transition time was so short. I still am amazed to be here, and we’re coming up on our year anniversary! How can that be?!

Speaking of new beginnings, verse 6 has a bit of a homecoming feel to it. So now, come back to your God. Act with love and justice, and always depend on him.” Coming back to God. What a nice through for us today. We know God has never left our side. Not for one minute. But have we wandered? Have we always been on the path God has for us? Maybe a detour looked alluring, so we stepped away from God. Maybe roadblocks kept us stuck, despite the ability to work around them with opportunities only God could offer.

Re-read this passage, knowing that Jacob is Israel, the person and the region.

Reflect on the person God made you to be. Review the chapters of your life. Many more chapters are yet to be written. Is your current chapter a doozy or a dozer? Either way, depend on God to get you to the next chapter.

Let’s pray. Father, this chapter I’m in right now is intense. I feel so empowered by you to make it the best I can. I know you are fighting for me and giving me wisdom. Satan is also at work, looking for any and all opportunities to make me stumble. I can feel him close. It’s unpleasant God, put him in his place. Help me not to listen to his lies and deceits. Thank you for healing me from Satan’s attack on my body. It feels good to be able to enjoy your world and my tasks again. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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