Hebrews 11:17-31 – Walk By Faith

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Read Hebrews 11:17-31

Faith is not a new phenomenon. The Preacher takes us down memory lane here as our reflections continue with what it means to be faithful. The Old Testament comes alive for us as we see how God has used many different individuals to move his story along to this moment. The moment you are living in!

Here’s a little script for you. “It was by faith that … [INSERT YOUR NAME HERE] … was able to do mighty things that many thought impossible [INSERT YOUR STORY].” What mighty story can you tell about how God intervened in your life when you stayed faithful? Maybe you’re “big moment” has yet to happen. Each day can present us little miracles if we take time to look for them.

Sometimes we take Bible stories for granted and rush past the great lessons we can learn. The Bible “heroes” we are reminded of here were just regular people like you and me. Are you familiar with the life stories of these individuals? The common theme is their faithfulness. Against all odds in many cases, they trusted God not themselves or other people. We can be inspired into action by them.

Which of these stories conjured up the most vivid picture for you?  Did you remember a Sunday School re-enactment or memorable sermon? In each case, God orchestrated the beautiful outcome long before there was ever a reason to act. Each hero had their place in history to move God’s story along. We have an opportunity to do the same and be part of God’s story.

When I think of God’s purpose for my life and the job he has set out for me, I marvel at the opportunity. While I have not been asked to sacrifice my children, I do feel I have been asked to leave my familiar surroundings and do something big, way big for him here in Mexico. I’m still uncovering what that may mean. Each day is a new step on this adventure, and what I know for sure is my feet are moving! My heart is stirring. He is surrounding me with the people who are going to help me make this a reality. God be glorified!

Take some time today to fill out the “script” at the beginning of this reflection. It was by faith that I… What comes to mind for me is “trusted God to help me leave my abusive first husband” and “lead worship for my church after being told for years that I was no singer.” When we see God’s hand at work in our lives, our faith is bolstered and our gratitude overflows.

Like Moses, we need to keep our eyes on the one who is invisible” and look ahead to our great reward. When we find our purpose and are living in God’s will, there is no reason to fear. God will see us through. We may not see a parting of the Red Sea, but we should never limit what we expect to see God do in our lives. God moves when he sees we are faithful.

Take some time to let Jeremy Camp’s powerful song and video “Walk By Faith” speak to your heart today. Click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDat2sgWcv0

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Let’s pray. Lord, I thank you for how you are working in my life. I want to be faithful to you so you can use me to further along your story. Help me walk by faith even when I cannot see. May the way be clear for you to move through me. May I never limit you or what you can do with my feeble thinking. Thank you that you have chosen me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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