Exodus 3:11-22 – Provision from God

Read Exodus 3:11-22

Now it’s time to hear what Moses has to say about his assignment. “Who me?” seems pretty appropriate. Confronting Pharaoh and leading a multitude of Israelites to freedom does not sound like a simple task. Moses at first doesn’t feel anywhere near qualified for this. You may be recognizing yourself in some of these excuses. When God calls us to act, we need to be obedient. Although, that’s sometimes easier said than done. Maybe it will help to remember you’re not alone.

As for Moses, he is thinking fast on his feet, seemingly to get out of this mission. He’s coming up with excuses or what-ifs. I feel confident in saying we do the same, don’t we? I don’t think it’s just me. When a new task with great challenge faces us, do we accept it right away or do we have conversations going on, questioning what-if this or what-if that? We want answers just like Moses did.

God probably knew the objections Moses would have before Moses even opened his mouth. Moses was given the assurance from the beginning that he would not be alone. God would be with him. It’s almost as if Moses didn’t let that sink in and rushed on to the next objection.

It’s here that we see here how God wanted to be recognized. As the “I AM.” God will be faithful to be who God is. It’s quite a confusing section. I didn’t want to rush over it, but at the same time not sure how to explain it. You’ve probably heard God referred to as the “great I Am.” There is a song, “Great I Am” Listen HERE. God told Moses, “This is my eternal name, my name to remember for all generations.” Let the majesty of our God wash over you.


In case Moses was feeling inadequate, God told him to meet up with the elders of Israel. They would accept his message and provide help. The theme continues – Moses would not be alone. But Pharaoh would be a harder sell. Moses hears God promise to send miracles to get the Egyptians to let the people go. By now, I’m sure Moses’ head is spinning. A simple day of tending his sheep has gone a whole different direction.

Looking back, can you see a time in your life where God was truly at work providing you an escape? While you were lost in the trial, you weren’t sure how you’d ever get out. It certainly would not be by your own power. God does provide. Especially when he wants us to do something in particular. The doors just seem to open and all the pieces fall into place just right. The Great I AM.

Let’s pray. Lord, I come to you inspired and ready to be your servant. Give me the tools I need to be successful. Give me the wisdom to know how to use the tools you provide. Walk with me or send your angels to guide me. May I follow obediently and not question your motives. Speak to me so that I may act on your behalf. I thank you that you have my back and have trusted me to do your will. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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