Daniel 12:1-13 – The End Times

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Read Daniel 12:1-13

This reading concludes Daniel’s discussion with the angel messenger and the book of Daniel. What a way to end! Daniel will be one of the ones in heaven one day! He may not understand what that all means, none of us do. It is an inheritance unparalleled.

This was a lot for Daniel to take in. We have the honor to be living in a world after Jesus’ first coming. We know how many prophecies Jesus’ life fulfilled, and how many more are yet to be fulfilled. Daniel’s message is one of those prophetic messages with “unfinished business.”

There’s some scary stuff here. Is the time of anguish yet to come? Many times over the years people have said “this is it!” As people of God, we have someone mighty to save us all. There is always hope for us amidst the challenge.

Since the angel messenger repeats himself about keeping these things quiet, I think it’s quite telling. Isn’t the full extent of what Daniel heard and saw supposed to be hidden away until the “time of the end” arrives? What has been revealed to us may only be a small fragment of Daniel’s full message. The rest will be revealed at the appropriate time.

The angel messenger already gives us the “what” the future holds and the “when.” It’s not worth spending precious time trying to figure out all the numbers. God is the one in charge of the end times. What and how to interpret all these numbers is known only to God. I believe it t will be revealed to us when the time is right.

We can only imagine what Daniel felt like hearing all of this. Besides doom and gloom, there were pockets of hope, too. For instance, “Many will be purified, cleansed, and refined by these trials.”

Consider the backdrop of Daniel’s life, living near the king of the regime that took his people captive and destroyed his homeland. Being in the royal court as long as he presumably was, Daniel’s life probably ended in captivity.

The full extent of what Daniel had been shown about the end of time will play out when those times come. Daniel was used in a very powerful way to bring a glimpse of God’s majesty to us to reflect on. What is the LORD showing you these days? What activity is lighting you up to further God’s kingdom?

colorful animation of prayer hands and hearts and flowersLet’s pray. Lord, it’s incredible how you have everything under perfect control. Those who recognize you will find you and receive their blessing. We, in turn, need to share what we can about you with others. As this world slips further into darkness, it can become dangerous to be seen as a believer in some situations. I pray for those situations and for an end to all the shattering of your holy people. Empower me today, LORD. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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