Colossians 4:2-6 – Pray!

Read Colossians 4:2-6

This may be a short reading today, but the message is powerful. The message is simple. Devote yourselves to prayer. Jesus modeled this for us. We need to pray.

Prayer is a true reflection of our relationship with God. If we have a good, strong relationship with our Creator, we should pray often. Just as good friends wants to spend time together, we should yearn for time with our Lord.

Prayer reflects our reliance on the power leading our lives. This communication is where we end and the Father begins. Prayer is merely conversation. We can be plead. We can be lament. When we pray we are sharing an intimate moment with God, sharing our deepest emotions, both good and bad, high and low.

What a privilege to have an opportunity to enter into the presence of God by giving him our full attention. Yet, how many times in the midst of our prayer time do our minds wander? I’m afraid to admit, for me, too many times to count at times. When this happens I feel so unworthy, like I have cheated on God. How could I be so careless?  My God, the creator of the universe, has time for me. Always.  

Paul also reminds us – have a thankful heart. No matter what is going on in our lives, it is good counsel to thank God first! Almost first. God appreciates when we recognize his sovereignty, and then our praise and thanksgiving. Only then should we go on to the other things. Our petitions for rescue or forgiveness.

And finally, we are told to make the best of each opportunity with those who are non-believers. Live wisely, be gracious. Since we don’t openly wear signs announcing whether we believe or don’t believe, whether we’re doubters or seekers, I’ve always found it best to let my life be a true reflection of my faith. I don’t always get it right, but it’s my intention. I know I can do a better job at “making the best” of each opportunity, but at the same time I never want to be condescending like some believers can be toward those not quite there yet. There is nothing worse than a judgmental follower of Christ, and yet the world is full of them. I pray for them, too.

Take a moment to think through your interactions of the last week. Have you truly been a light shining in the darkness? Have you avoided situations where you could make a difference or change a life? Do you feel the Holy Spirit prodding you in some way to take action? Dig deep here.

Let’s pray. Lord you are mighty, and I love that you are in control. Thank you that we can come to you in prayer and talk with you about anything and everything. There are concerns on my heart today, Lord, and I am struggling with them. Please take my hand and walk me through how I can make the best of this situation. I want my life to truly reflect you and your goodness. Soften hearts. Prepare the way. In your mighty name we pray.  Amen.

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