Matthew 1:18-25 – Jesus Conceived

Read Matthew 1:18-25

We can only begin to imagine the conversations that went on between Joseph and Mary. It’s easy for us to put our own present-day slant on the situation as well. To remember the culture of the day is also helpful. What if you had been Joseph? To find out that your bride-to-be was “knocked up” may have been enough to just walk away, be heartbroken, be furious, be confused, etc. But what was Joseph? Righteous.

Joseph wanted to be right with God. In that day, you’d even have to “divorce” before marriage. The engagement period was a much bigger deal than it is today. Joseph wanted to avoid a scandal and do this discreetly. He must have loved Mary very much to spare her that embarrassment.

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Matthew 1:1-17 – Jesus’ Ancestors

Read Matthew 1:1-17

The Gospel of Matthew begins with a genealogy running from Abraham to Jesus. It was interesting to see all the names and realize that only a handful of them are used in our country. I’d be curious to know how many of these names are still used in the Middle Eastern countries nearer the events of the New Testament.

I do know from Bible studies that a name in those ancient times would be very significant. The meaning of one’s name would give them their identity or speak of their character. Names these days are usually chosen because the parents like them, or they are a family name they want to keep alive, or perhaps they are just being creative in using words not commonly used as names.

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