John 1:19-28 – How to Testify

Read John 1:19-28

Having been a paralegal for trial attorneys for many years, I know how to prepare people to testify. Appearing in court can be a daunting experience, and we always wanted to help our witnesses feel ready. A good testimony is when the witness professes what he or she knows to be the truth based on an eyewitness account. In general, facts are what you’re looking for,  not opinions or feelings. Of course, a line of questioning could take a more personal slant in some cases, invoking emotion, but sticking to the facts makes for good witness testimony. Continue reading “John 1:19-28 – How to Testify”

John 1:6-18 – The Light

Read John 1:6-18

The Light has come into the world. That Light is Jesus, and we, like John, are witnesses to His majesty. John was related and lived at the same time, but we are the benefactors of the Light so we also have a story.

I love this verse, “But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.” We know from reading the gospels that the people didn’t recognize Jesus for who he was. They were awaiting a Messiah that would come in glory and power and set them free from the oppression and cruelty they endured. Jesus was not that kind of Savior. We can now become children of God when we believe and accept him. Continue reading “John 1:6-18 – The Light”

John 1:1-5 – Jesus, the Word

Read John 1:1-5

Sometimes I think John should be the first book of the New Testament because it begins as the first book of the Old Testament. “In the beginning.” But I’m sure there was a reason for the order the Bible texts were placed.  What we do know from this is that Jesus was there at creation. He wasn’t Jesus yet because that was the name given him for humans. For now, our Jesus is “The Word.”

He was with God and is God. That is quite something to wrap your head around. But then understanding the immensity of God and how incredible he is, we should not be surprised. We will never be able to fully explain God or truly understand him. That’s not our job. Yet, it does help to understand the very God we want to more resemble. Continue reading “John 1:1-5 – Jesus, the Word”