2 Kings 20:1-11 – Can God Change His Mind?

Read 2 Kings 20:1-11

Have you ever been part of a discussion where the topic is “whether God ever changes his mind?” This is especially a key concept for our prayer lives. Hezekiah didn’t want to die, and he made that abundantly clear to God in his prayers. God’s mind had been made up, as we can see through Isaiah’s prediction of Hezekiah’s death.

This notion the king wouldn’t survive this illness wasn’t Isaiah’s idea. Nobody just makes up the idea somebody else is going to die and then say it’s a word from God. Do they? No, Hezekiah’s time was coming, and God wanted him to know. Knowing when you’re going to die, that, in and of itself is amazing! How many people get privy to “intel” like that? I’m sure it was infrequent in Hezekiah’s day, too.

Interesting how Hezekiah handled the news. He didn’t just give in and get his affairs in order, accepting that as God’s will. But wouldn’t the message from God be God’s will? Hezekiah was a faithful king, so it wasn’t absence of faith but perhaps more a desire to be king longer?

Why do you think Hezekiah sought healing? What would you have done in that position?

It’s hard to go there. It’s hard for us to imagine having a prophet’s word from God, let alone a kiss of impending death. But I think I would have clung to life, too, hoping God would change his mind. There’s so much more to see and experience. God’s creation is beyond comprehension, and the relationships we make along the way are priceless.

So, yes, I think God can change his mind. I hope it goes without saying that my prayer is always to have my will be in alignment with God’s. But, if I should know that God’s will is different, and I have good reason to plea my case, I’m thrilled to believe God will listen like the loving judge he is. At least that’s how I picture him.

Besides God changing his mind, what else surprised you in our reading today?

For me, it was King Hezekiah still asking for a “sign” that God would do what God said he would do. I suppose it does us good to see that even mighty kings being used by God can have some trust issues when it comes to their relationship with God. We’re in good company with our occasional doubts.

Take some extra time today to sit quiet. Are you feeling like you’re clear on God’s will for your life? Are your prayers in alignment with that? What is that one thing that you would really like to be God’s will, too?  

praying hands looking up

Let’s pray …
Lord, I love spending time with you and hunger for more each day. I thank you for each one of the wonderful people you have put into my path, Lord. Fill me today with energy to move me into action, and may that action glorify you. Help me to see what your perfect will is for my life and to live into that with grace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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