1 Kings 22:29-53 – We Can’t Hide From God

Read 1 Kings 22:29-53

A broken mask with a big blue eye looking out

I thought it was fitting that Ahab would think that he could disguise himself and be safe. I suppose if his biggest fear was the enemy troops, then he had a chance. But Ahab couldn’t conceal himself from God. God had all along been angry with Ahab. Despite Ahab’s attempts to repent, his heart was still clearly playing for the opposing team.

How fitting that a “random” arrow hit the disguised king just perfectly between the armor protection. Ahab could not escape God’s judgment. Sadly, his son will follow in his footsteps for a short two-year reign.

We see a lot transpire in these closing verses of 1 Kings. Jehoshaphat was a good king, like his father Asa. Despite all the good contributions Jehoshaphat accomplished, he still failed to fully eradicate all the hill shrines.

Recall the book of 1 Kings began with a united nation under King David. David was a devout king, and no king after him could live up to his legacy. The book now ends with a divided kingdom and the death of Ahab, the most wicked king.

What happened during those 22 chapters? We saw how time and time again the people forgot to acknowledge God as their ultimate leader. Granted, there were those who remained faithful, but they often feared for their life. Why were the people drawn to trusting false gods? Why did their earthly leaders allow them to conform to such a lifestyle without God?

We can easily fall into a trap like they did. Evil is all around us, tempting us at every turn. We have seen in these pages how God hates evil. It is not God who entices us to “disguise ourselves.” We may try to hide the truth, but God can see our hearts.

How are you keeping yourself safe from an infiltration of evil? Don’t be in denial thinking, “I’m not that bad.” Surround yourself with good. Romans 12:2 says, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

praying hands looking up

Let’s pray …
Lord, I come clean before you today. I am sinful. I have thought things and done things I should not have done. Forgive me. I know you know me better than I know myself. Cleanse me. Empty out all the evil thoughts and desires lurking in my heart. Renew me. Ready my feet to serve you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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