Zechariah 10:1-12 – Restored

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Read Zechariah 10:1-12

Our focus shifts a bit in this new section of Zechariah. No more glimpses into the kingdom. They are oracles from God alright, but they speak to all that is wrong with the world. Such a contrast to the messianic rule of peace. Yet, there are promises woven in.

The first problem to fix or restore is finding a shepherd for those who don’t have one. In Zechariah’s context, the whole concept of shepherd would have been a lot different than ours today. My mind went to the perfect solution – Jesus. Jesus is our Good Shepherd. “For the Lord of Heaven’s Armies has arrived to look after Judah, his flock.”

Jesus has also been referred to as the cornerstone of our faith. He is the solid foundation on which we can build our lives. Imagine building your life without Jesus as your base. It’s hard to even imagine that, but how tragic.

There are so many images in this reading to help us understand such love from our Father. One I liked to picturing God beside me in each and every battle I face. The passage reads, “Since the LORD is with them as they fight, they will overthrow even the enemy’s horsemen.” I see those horsemen as my problems, put there by Satan to derail me. There have been plenty in the last several weeks during our moving and transition season of life.

What spoke to your heart today?

In each season of life, we are going to experience challenges. Having just faced a “physical” challenge, that is our moving (and packing) of lots, I mean lots of boxes, my aching muscles are reminding me I’m not 25 years old anymore. I’m not sure when the last time is that I’ve used all these muscles, but sometimes just taking a step is a challenge.

Yet in this season, I can rely on God’s power in my weakness and see the blessings overflowing. When we are faithful and place our trust in God, we will find that he blesses us more and more. Sometimes you don’t even have to ask and something helpful presents itself.

“They will pass safely through the sea of distress, for the waves of the sea will be held back, and the waters of the Nile will dry up.” My body may be in a bit of distress, but I feel the waves of peace and endurance have moved me forward in these recent days.

Even normal weeks can be tough, and you might wonder if you’re going to make it through. In those times we serve best, we focus on God and get out of our own way. Zechariah tells us that God said, “By my power I will make my people strong, and by my authority they will go wherever they wish.” That is some promise. A promise to cling to!

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Let’s pray. Lord, I thank you for how you have restored my faith and devotion to you. I finally feel like I am living the life you designed for me. Thank you for restoring my endurance each day. I am here to fight the good fight for faith. May others I meet see you in me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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