Matthew 7:7-11 – Ask, Seek, Knock

Read Matthew 7:7-11

As few verses back Jesus gives us a model for prayer. Here we see that he is encouraging us to use it. Prayer is not a once and done thing. Like telling someone you love them. David used that example in his sermon yesterday. He didn’t just tell me once that he loved me and figured I knew it never to tell me again. It’s something he can say over and over again. He can “keep” saying it, lest I forget.

That’s what Jesus is getting at here, too. Keep asking. Keep seeking. Keep knocking. We can only grow closer to our Heavenly Father with continued contact. We need to realize our need for God and consistently be building that relationship. We do that by asking, seeking, and knocking continually.

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Luke 18:1-8 – Persistence with Patience

Read Luke 18:1-8

I absolutely love this passage! Persistence with patience are a beautiful pair. We are reminded that sometimes our prayers are not a once and done sort of thing. God doesn’t necessarily just jump to justice when we first ask. We need to patiently wait for his answer and be persistent in our asking. Jesus gives us this example for a reason.

Now if you are a parent, or have taken care of children at any time in your life, you have witnessed persistence at its finest. Children have a fantastic knack of asking and asking for things, like a cookie before dinner, or another glass of water at bedtime. Do we cave in? Do we stand firm? Do we look at the justice being served, or the harm being done, in responding to the request? Continue reading “Luke 18:1-8 – Persistence with Patience”

Luke 11:1-13 – Prayer

Read Luke 11:1-13

Seeing Jesus praying would be a common thing for those close to him. Jesus would clearly set aside time to communicate with his Father. So it doesn’t surprise me that the disciples would want to know more about it, and how to do it themselves.

You’ll probably recognize a portion of the Lord’s prayer here. Some churches don’t regularly recite this prayer, and other churches do so as routine practice in their worship services. The Lord’s Prayer is the perfect example of prayer for us to follow. There is a longer version in the book of Matthew. Continue reading “Luke 11:1-13 – Prayer”