2 Chronicles 4:1-5:1 – Furnishings and Finishes

Read 2 Chronicles 4:1-5:1

The temple played such a central role in the history of God’s people. This was the place Solomon built for God’s presence to have a home on earth among his people.  It’s good for us to appreciate some of the details to enhance our own understanding. Sadly, this beautiful temple, adorned in gold, bronze, and magnificent furnishings, no longer exists in all its glory.

Try to picture a 30-foot by 30-foot altar–that’s no small space! But considering all the sacrifices that would soon take place, having a dedicated space that large makes sense. Visualizing objects of similar size can be helpful. A decent sized bedroom is twelve by twelve. Two cars parked front end to back end would be approximately 30 feet. The question remains then, why 15 feet tall? Were there stairs, too?

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