2 Thessalonians 3:6-18 – Who Do You Imitate?

Read 2 Thessalonians 3:6-18

What is it about the human psyche that causes us to want to be like someone else? Why are we never comfortable in our own skin? In our business, I’ve been known to teach on the trap of “compare-itis.” That is when we find ourselves stuck in a pattern of looking at those around us, comparing ourselves in unhealthy ways. We find ourselves wanting to be thinner, younger (or older), better speakers, better musicians, have nicer clothes, bigger house, etc. We are always striving to have a better this or better that.

You’d be fooling yourself if you say you’ve never done any of this comparing. Paul is giving us some words of wisdom here. Instead of imitating another because of a physical attribute, Paul wants us to imitate those with greater faith than we have. I take it a step farther and remember the fad of “WWJD” – that is, What Would Jesus Do?

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Proverbs 12:11-20 – Show Me the Benefits

Read Proverbs 12:11-20

The nugget of wisdom that stood out for me today was verse 14, “Wise words bring many benefits, and hard work brings rewards.” Who doesn’t like a good reward? The hard work part may be difficult for some, but the reward should help to entice.

We’ve all worked alongside a slacker. That is, someone who shows up but never really gets into the job. They are more interested in the talking about the weekend that’s coming or asking if it’s time for the next coffee break yet. Their work is sub-par, but they have a false belief they are promotion bound. They expect a reward but don’t put in the work. Unfortunately for them, that’s not how it works.

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