2 Chronicles 18:1-8 – Watch out for Non-Believers

Read 2 Chronicles 18:1-8

Watch out, Jehoshaphat! You’ve just encountered a “slippery slope” in your association with Ahab. The Chronicler hasn’t told us anything about Israel’s King Ahab, but in 1 Kings 16-22 you can read more about King Ahab. In a nutshell, he was married to Jezebel, and her influence was great in persuading Ahab to abandon God and establish Baal worship in Israel. We know how God feels about disloyalty!

So far, at least, the story seems harmless. These kings were, after all, in-laws since two of their children had married. We get a clue that things are not all that they seem when the text says Ahab was “enticing” Jehoshaphat with such an elaborate feast.

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Mark 16:9-20 – Go!

Read Mark 16:9-20

Bible scholars point out that this passage is not included in the best manuscripts of Mark’s gospel, was not written by Mark, and does not have the same “feel” of the rest of the gospel. However, there is nothing wrong with the message. It appears to be a gathering of details found in other gospels and even the book of Acts. Yet, inquiring minds continue to ponder the inclusion of this ending.

For whatever reason this passage is included in God’s Word, so let’s reflect on the message it brings to us today. We see that (1) the pattern of unbelief when first hearing of Jesus’ resurrection, (2) Jesus makes several appearances and then ascends to heaven, and (3) our call to the mission field is included. All in all, it’s a very nice closure to the gospel giving us the next steps we need to move forward on our own faith journey.

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Mark 3:13-19 – Who Will Jesus Choose?

Read Mark 3:13-19

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be one of the twelve Jesus chose? Just think of it – Jesus’ inner circle of closest followers. They would see so much and be given so much responsibility. In that moment, they had no idea you would be reading about them all these years later.

Mark’s gospel tells us these are the men Jesus chose to accompany him, to go out and preach, and cast out demons. We know from other gospels that there are fishermen in this group, a tax collector, and a zealot. Mark also foreshadows for us the one who will later betray Jesus. If you’re reading about Jesus’ life for the first time, you’ll have to wait to see how that all plays out!

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