Ruth 2:1-13 – Please the Boss

Read Ruth 2:1-13

Our dear Ruth isn’t one to sit back and let the dust settle on herself. She has arrived in a new land, and she is ready to experience it, to meet new people, and to work hard. We see a woman with a perky spirit and a good work ethic. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She seeks to please.

This text says, “as it happened” in verse 3, she came into the field of Boaz, a wealthy man of good reputation in the town who was also a relative of her father-in-law. Having lived in a small town, I was always amazed at the “hidden” family connections that would often surprise me. It is pretty typical to have many relatives in a small town. However, “as it happened,” God has now orchestrated something beautiful for Ruth. Continue reading “Ruth 2:1-13 – Please the Boss”