Proverbs 27:1-16 – No Bragging Allowed

Read Proverbs 27:1-16

The nuggets of wisdom continue. I’m sure if I read this same passage a week from now a different proverb would speak to me. But for this reflection let’s look at verse 2. It says, “Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth—a stranger, not your own lips.” I have always struggled with tooting my own horn. It’s also hard for me to accept praise from others. What about you?

Do you have a hard time accepting compliments or praise? We all know people who don’t seem to have any trouble telling others how awesome they are. In fact, you may even be picturing a few of them this very moment. It’s not attractive is it? When we see others applauding their own success it can be intimidating, too. It’s much more acceptable when another person is praising them for their good deeds.

I never imagined this was a Biblical nugget of wisdom. That makes it all the more of a non-negotiable to me. I will take care not to brag or make a big show of things. I’d rather be humble. That’s attractive in my book.

Sometimes it’s hard to do when you are in business. People are constantly looking to me as an expert. While I do know a lot and can help people with many different problems, spouting out my accomplishments is still not a comfortable thing for me. I understand a little bit why. Subconsciously I, too, understood the wisdom we are seeing in today’s verse. Wise people don’t need to draw attention to themselves and their accomplishments. Others will do a fine job of it for us.

When I am introduced during an interview, I have to always remember, it’s okay, they are the ones telling of my accomplishments. I have worked hard for what I have learned in my life. It does feel good to be recognized for it. It’s just so much classier when you’re not the one to be telling the world. In those moments, my only job is to be gracious.

We’ve been told by our mentors and business coaches that we should be sharing our successes. It helps us stand out as leaders in the industry. People follow leaders. I’d much rather point out the successes of those we have helped. It’s reflects brightly on them and on us, too, although more indirectly. It’s a tricky situation. This is a good reminder to be humble.

How about you? Does this resonate with you? Don’t be afraid of success, just be careful how you display it.

Let’s pray… Lord, thank you for these words today. I see so many people around me sharing their success stories. Sometimes it’s hard to watch because they are so unattractive in their boasting. May I always be respectful and humble when I share any accomplishment I have made. May I do it in an uplifting and encouraging way, rather than a boastful, “look at me” kind of way. Help me guard my tongue. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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