Philippians 2:1-11 – What is Being Christ-like?

Read Philippians 2:1-11

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Yes. Yes. Yes. And, yes! I would say those are my answers to Paul’s first four questions. He seems to be urging his friends into spiritual unity. When we can all work together, caring for others and putting others first, we move closer to becoming more like Jesus. Selfish behavior can ruin a church while humility can restore and rebuild. Think about a situation in your church or community where grace and respect would have been the better answer.

Read these “warning” words from Paul again, “Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.” If you’re like me, you immediately pictured yourself in the “reprimand.” Now read this message again and picture Jesus and how he lived and interacted with others. How cool is that? Jesus totally lived out these words!

If there is ever a question of how we should respond to a situation, the best thing to do is ask, “what would Jesus do?” If we allow ourselves to ponder that question, a solution that honors God will be revealed. Paul sums it up when he says, “You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.” We can learn so much from reading about Jesus’ life in Scripture and asking the Holy Spirit to open our eyes.

Being Christ-life doesn’t happen overnight. It’s impossible for any of us to shed our human tendency to sin and replace it with an attitude like Jesus. How did Jesus do what he did? He “humbled himself in obedience to God.” Jesus, being fully man and fully God was able to humble his human side in obedience. We can only aspire to be so humble. Think on what Jesus did for us. “he gave up his divine privileges; he took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being.” Astounding!

While we may fall short, we should still strive to be more Christ-like. The best way we can introduce others to Jesus is by living our lives in God-honoring ways like Jesus did. It may not be easy to love the unlovable or forgive the unforgiveable. How can we behave to reflect Jesus’ love and truth to the world? That is something we can do!

Even hearing the name of Jesus should cause us to tremble and fall to our knees in awe. Jesus’ triumph over sin and his obedience to the Father has given him a special place over everything that exists. As Paul puts it, “God elevated him to the place of highest honor and gave him the name above all other names, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue declare that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” I feel like I should end that quote with an “Amen!”

Take some time today on your knees, humbled before the Father. What can you do, or how can you change the way you act, to lift up the name of Jesus? When people look at you, do they see Jesus?

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Let’s pray … Lord, I bow before you and your majesty that rules over all creation. I am humbled that you would love me and send Jesus to die for me. Help me to be more like Jesus every day so that others will see you and love you like I do. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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