Luke 7:36-50 – Welcome

Read Luke 7:36-50

I always enjoy reading a Bible passage that I can picture happening. This is one of those stories. I found a reenactment that seems pretty accurate. You can watch it HERE.

We are all sinners, and here we see an example of how one so deep in their sin can be overcome with devotion and appreciation. It is only by God’s grace through our faith that we are saved. Those Pharisees in this story were not able to comprehend how Jesus could grant this forgiveness. We know, but we have the benefit of the Biblical account. They were the ones making history!

So, what does this story say to you today?

Have you asked Jesus in to your life? The Pharisee invited him in. Sharing a meal is a very special time. But what did Simon, the Pharisee forget? Apparently, Simon missed some social graces common for the day. Jesus, or any guest, should have been offered water to rinse the dirt from his feet. And the kiss, a customary greeting was missing. What was Simon thinking? He had invited Jesus, but not welcomed him.

So, I’ll ask again in a different way. Have you “welcomed” Jesus into your life? There is a distinction here that we should not overlook. How would you welcome guests into your home? How would you want to be welcomed when visiting others? Apply some of those feelings of hospitality to how you welcome Jesus, the King of Kings, the Savior of the world, into your life.

Rest a moment in this thought. Is anything too good for Jesus? Do you have tears to wash his feet, shed as you ask his forgiveness for the way you have sinned?

How can your life reflect the joy of his grace and forgiveness?

Let’s pray. Lord, forgive me for rushing about and overlooking the simple and best way to welcome you. I open my heart today fully, not just a crack. I want you to be fully with me. Shine your wisdom into my heart and mind. May I be an open vessel ready to receive you. I don’t understand your grace, Lord, but I rejoice that you have found me where I am, a sinner, and have promised me eternal life with you. Because of your great love for me, you have not left me behind. Use me to tell others of your love and grace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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