Luke 24:35-49 – A Ghost?

Read Luke 24:35-49

Jesus’ followers needed to wrap their heads around what they were seeing. Jesus had told them he would rise after three days. They heard the words, but comprehending what it meant was a different story.

We hear Jesus speak of ghosts here, or spirits in the original Greek. People of that day were familiar with ghosts apparently, so that is how they tried to explain or understand what was happening. Jesus was quick to correct them – he was not a ghost. If there was any doubt, he ate some food. Ghosts surely don’t eat food!

Jesus was in their midst. They must be wondering how long he would stay. They didn’t realize how much they missed him, and maybe they felt a little bad for “taking him for granted,” delighted to have more time with him. Their thoughts were probably a mixture of joy, fright, and concern over how they would explain this to the rest of the community. People just don’t come back to life and walk around like nothing happened. But Jesus wasn’t intending to stay for long. He wouldn’t be seen by everyone either.

Jesus did need these chosen followers to understand what was happening. They needed to realize they were witnessing the greatest miracle in all of history. It says he “opened their minds” to understand. They were going to need to have a strong belief system behind what they were about to accomplish.

The authority and power from on high they were going to need to share this news with the world was coming. So, they would not be alone. Jesus told them to wait in Jerusalem where they would be filled with the Holy Spirit. (This will be a later post when we start Acts next.) So the waiting begins.

What are you waiting for God to accomplish in your life?

We may have wondered why the disciples had a hard time believing Jesus when he told them all of this before. The key here is that their minds were now opened. That struck a chord with me today because I got to thinking – how many of us today are walking around with our minds closed. We may not even realize they are closed or that our understanding is limited.

Have you ever prayed for God to “open your mind to understand?”Β Here’s a beautiful song to help you in asking God to open you up. Click HERE.

Let’s pray. Lord it is the desire of my heart to know you and see you all around me. Open up my mind so I can understand all the messages you have for me today. I can’t even begin to imagine how those disciples and followers felt when they saw you face to face and finally understood what you had been telling them all along. What a gift you gave them. Give me that gift today as I read through your word. I want to see you lifted high as you deserve. I want to follow you and obey you every moment I have breath. Help me to stay on the right path. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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