Luke 24:13-34 – Walk to Emmaus

Read Luke 24:13-34

You may have heard about people taking a “Walk to Emmaus.” Do you know what that means for people today? There are many different spiritual disciplines people can get involved with to jump start and enrich their spiritual connection with God. As I understand it, the idea is to shut out the world for some intense encounters with God.

Encountering God. Is that a new activity for you? Each time we enter into worship, open our Bible, or bow our heads in prayer, we encounter God. But on what level? I suppose that depends on the person, the time available, their experience with such activities, etc. I firmly believe God created us solely to be in relationship with him. 

Even though we have his Word to read and devour, to truly know the heart of God we need to spend time with him. Maybe our lives aren’t organized right now to spend “intense” time with him. Just know he clearly wants us to walk with him daily. What does your stroll with him look like?

Maybe you are in a position similar to the followers on the road to Emmaus? They had a relationship with Jesus, and yet they did not fully understand the truth they were given. Many times the message we need to hear is right before us, but we don’t hear it. We aren’t listening.

This makes me remember a story, probably a sermon illustration, and I found a simple little replay – watch it HERE. Just like the men on the road to Emmaus, we oftentimes see things through our own eyes with our own expectations. We miss out on the blessings God has for us. I loved what the men said about the interaction. “Didn’t our hearts burn within us as he talked with us on the road and explained the Scriptures to us?” We should all be seeking those encounters when our hearts burn inside us.

Like the women in our reading from yesterday, these followers had to share what had happened. Jesus had actually been in their midst, teaching them and sharing his truth. His true identity was kept from them until just moments before he disappeared from sight. These followers were so moved they had to return to Jerusalem to share with the others what had happened. There was no social media or cell phone texting in those days. The need and urge to share was so great.

What was the last bit of good news you heard that you just had to share? Maybe it was the birth of a baby, a new job, retirement, or something else. What about the resurrection? Would you agree this news is the best of all? Jesus died and rose again, for us. The victory has been won!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself face to face with Jesus. He has just risen from the dead as he promised! Your best friend is alive!

Let’s pray. Father God you have wowed me again in how you reveal yourself. I pray that my eyes are not closed and unable to see you working in the world around me. As I wait for answers, help me to be willing to see you in the unexpected places. I don’t want to miss a minute of time with you. In the stillness you are there. In the noise you are there. Help my ears hear you over all other voices. I want to be in your will. May my heart burn with your truth. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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  1. You have an amazing gift from Jesus! So thankful you use it daily.
    I look forward to your messages. Of course you’re very special to me.
    Lots of Love, Mom

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