Luke 21:1-4 – Give Your All

Read Luke 21:1-4

She gave all she had. I don’t think that any of us can say that we gave our last dollar to the church. People have a hard time parting with their hard-earned cash. Unfortunately, giving to the local church is usually not people’s first expense either. There are bills to pay after all. It’s tragic that many don’t follow the Biblical example of first fruits.

I have never had anyone ever tell me that when they gave God first, and then paid the bills, they ever ran out of money. There is something marvelous about giving to God first. He knows our needs and will bless those who are obedient. But Jesus is talking about more than money here.

Money and financial giving are easy to measure, calculate and count. Giving of our heart, our lives, and our time is a little trickier to measure. But God sees how much we give, and whether our effort is genuine or forced, etc.

Especially when our finances are stretched and we’re living outside our means, we need to be all the more giving of our time and talents. We need to be all in for Jesus. What does that look like for you?

Since we retired, I have been able to spend much more one on one time with God, and I love it. I feel the blessings overflowing. I’m not sure I see them as a reward, they were there all the time. I am just more aware of them and grateful for them. I am more in tune with my creator and see his provisions for what they are.

Think about your daily pattern. Does God get your first fruits or does he get your left overs? Are you squeezing him in, and sometimes forgetting him altogether, or do you set aside a special time for him each day?

How many times do you talk with God each day? Are you a once and done kind of person, or does the dialogue continue throughout the day? Take a moment to fully grasp that you have access to the creator of all things, the savior of the world, and the mighty, powerful spirit of God.

Did you get a rush of joy or some other emotion at the thought? My stomach fluttered and it was a goosebump moment!

Can you do a better job at putting God first in your life? Take some time to think through what you might need to change, maybe just tweek, to get back on track. God is waiting patiently.

Remember the poor widow — and give God YOUR everything.

Let’s pray. Father God it is so good to spend time with you and be able to tell you exactly how I feel. You know me better than I know myself. You know that I miss you when I don’t spend time with you. You know I feel empty and unable to focus without you leading my life. I pray for folks feeling empty and not knowing why. Use me to bring a light to them so they can see clearly what they are missing. It is you. You want us to be all in for you. You have designed us to need you in our lives. Without you we are not our best selves. Thank you for shining through me. I look forward to what you have in store for me today. May I please you in all I say and do. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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