John 20:1-31 💚 Experience the Resurrection

Read John 20:1-31

light shining through the door illuminating an empty tomb

It’s always good to remember Jesus’ resurrection. It’s one of the key passages to our faith. Notice that Jesus told his disciples what would happen, but they were still surprised when it did. Doesn’t that speak volumes of the integrity in Jesus’ promises to us as well?

Who do you most identify with in this passage? Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter, the disciple Jesus loved (presumably John), Thomas, or the disciples in general? How do you respond to the news of Jesus’ resurrection?

Mary would be my choice. Maybe that’s because she’s the only woman in the list. I, too, would have been frantic. I can imagine my sadness would have been instantly replaced with action mode (frantic action mode) when I discovered my Lord was missing. Dead people just don’t move themselves. My problem-solving skills would have been thrust into high alert.

I would have been so focused on “what happened” that I would have looked right at Jesus without really seeing him. My focus would have been on a solution, not seeing the answer right in front of me. Can you relate to that? Sometimes we’re so focused on the outcome that we miss the joy of the journey to get there.

Mary’s tears were also blurring her vision as she felt the overwhelm of a difficult situation. Oh, how she missed Jesus. When she finally realized who was speaking to her, she seemed to instantly be freed from the bondage of her struggle. I can imagine falling at Jesus’ feet, grabbing for him in my joyous disbelief!

It wasn’t too many years ago and I would have recognized myself in Thomas. He had to be sure. Presumably he had heard the message from Mary, as well as the other disciples. It must have sounded too good to be true. We’ve all experienced news like that, and usually it does disappoint. Thomas needed the proof of hard evidence he could see with his own eyes. How is your faith without seeing these days?

I’m in awe of the honor it would have been to be one of Jesus’ closest disciples. They were so privileged to have been with God in the flesh all that time. To experience the resurrection as one of the disciples would have been incredible. It’s no wonder that the church grew like it did with their testimony burning on their lips.

We know that these disciples paid dearly for their faith as they lived out the great commission. They were bold and stood against the push back they got. Do we stand firm in our own faith when we are challenged for our beliefs? Do we push forward despite not being “popular” when sharing about the saving grace of Jesus Christ?

Take some time today to reflect on your resurrection faith. What feelings and emotions are you experiencing? Are you ready to be bold?

praying hands looking up

Let’s pray. Father, I trust you with my whole self. The promises in your word are true. May I rest in those promises today as I fight to speak more boldly for you. Give me your eyes to see the openings to share about my resurrection faith. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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