Genesis 47:13-31 – Leadership in Action

Read Genesis 47:13-31

Being a leader is not always an easy thing, especially when problems arise. Thinking fast on your feet is often necessary when needing to give directions. Being a good decision maker is also a trait a good leader should possess. That is an area I need to work on. I have been placed in leadership roles over the years, and I always say the best leaders must be good followers. Yet, when decisions need to be made, I need to dig deep to find courage. Otherwise, I only second guess and overthink my actions.

How about you? What kind of a leader are you? Because I have been placed in leadership roles, it is often hard to step back and be a follower. I still think like a leader looking for the best solutions. When the leader in charge doesn’t recognize what seems obvious to me, I waver back and forth trying to decide if I should step up and help them see or just wait the course because perhaps an even better solution has yet to be seen.

Today we see Joseph faced with the responsibility of life and death. In particular, for the people of the region who are running out of food, money, and livestock. To be faithful to his position, he is making decisions that will greatly help Pharaoh and the economy of his reign. While Pharaoh gets richer and richer, Joseph is still showing compassion on the people giving them the majority share of their harvests, despite the land belonging to Pharaoh. That’s a good leader.

Joseph is also called to his father’s side to hear his dying wish. Jacob had lived a full life, and to have seen Joseph again was the icing on the cake. But death would come, and Jacob’s desire was to return to his families’ land in Canaan to be buried. Joseph gave his oath to make this happen. I wonder what was going through Joseph’s mind. It was not a request made lightly in passing. Jacob was serious. When the time came, Joseph would have to decide how to implement this request.

Have you been asked to do something you have been challenged by? Perhaps you were asked to speak in front of a group of people, pray out loud, lead a meeting, make phone calls asking for money. These are all things people struggle with. If we don’t allow ourselves to be challenged in life, we may miss out on opportunities we will enjoy and benefit from. Sometimes we need to take some risks.

Do you think Joseph knew the answers? Probably not. He relied on the wisdom God was giving him. We can do the same. Many of us forget that the Spirit’s power that raised Jesus from the dead is also available to us. (Romans 8:11) That’s a lot of power. We need to use it wisely for the benefit of all.

Where are you being called to lead today? Lead from your strengths and let God’s wisdom and power guide you the rest of the way. Listen for God, and your decisions will come easier.

Let’s pray. Lord, I thank you that you are the one in control. As I look over my life I thank you for how you have put things into motion that have brought me to this day. May I draw upon the wisdom I have gained from these situations, and rely on you to help me with the rest. I stand against the fear that is trying to hold me back. I boldly proclaim you are my Lord and Savior and together we can conquer fear! Give me a heart like yours to be open and ready. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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