Exodus 36:8-39:43 – Building God’s Plan

Read Exodus 36:8-39:43

This was a long reading today. I could have shortened it, but then we’d have a lot of the same over the next number of days. I usually read a passage and let it soak in to see what comes to me. I love that Scripture is alive and speaks to me. Today, I’m still figuring out the message. So if I ramble, I’m sorry.

What I can say is how very impressed I was by Bezalel. He was sure talented and gifted. Is there anything he can’t do? And this was not in the current day with all the fancy tools we have available. What were your impressions of him? I wondered how long it took for all of the construction. I imagine all of this was constructed over a number of weeks and months, maybe years. Just as soon as it seemed Bezalel was done with one project, there was more.

With God’s help, everything was completed, including the robes and garb for the priests. God’s vision for his tabernacle in the wilderness was now a reality. How does this process speak to us today?

Have you ever taken on a project that seemed to have no end? Maybe it was so huge you didn’t even know where to begin? Having just moved across town, I can totally relate.

God has given each of us a job to complete. Maybe we can do it ourselves. Maybe we need to find the right people with the right gifts to help us. David said something about the interstate system being built in the United States. Now that goes back quite a few years. But what an example of a big project. Someone started with a a vision. Others (many others) got involved in the planning and execution. Being part of something bigger than ourselves is always rewarding.

What project is God putting on your heart? How can your expertise be put to use to further God’s kingdom?

Let’s pray. Lord, I am amazed at how beautifully your plan seemed to materialize in today’s reading. You told Moses what you wanted, and then you empowered the people Moses was encountering. I want to be empowered by you. Use me to make a difference in this broken world. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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