Exodus 19:1-25 – Obedience

Read Exodus 19:1-25

For the setting of today’s reading, it has only been 2 months since the Israelites left their oppression in Egypt. Think back 2 months in your own life. What were you doing 2 months ago? Does it seem like just yesterday or an eternity? If you’re like me, it seems like a distant memory, but at the same time like it was here only yesterday.

That’s the perspective here. It was time for God to reveal himself to the people even more than he already had. If you’ve been reading along, you know that in past two months God has given them manna and quail, he provided guidance through a cloud of fire, he has given them Moses as a great arbitrator and leader, and so much more. Now it’s time for the people to meet him.

Moses is quite a mountain climber. I have climbed in the mountains before, but I was on a path. I’m picturing Moses’ hike up was a little more treacherous. Although after doing it a couple of times, he was probably getting better and better at knowing where the rocks were. Climbing the mountain to talk with God seems like quite the incentive to get to the top!

Being obedient to God is what Moses is all about. We see him getting bolder and bolder. Back when Moses was first called by God, he was a bit self-critical and doubted himself. Over time, he has realized that all he has to do is be obedient, God takes care of the rest.

Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by our own tasks of the day. It’s easy to let ourselves feel powerless over our circumstances. Truth is, many things are out of our control. Even when we try to control them it’s possible we cannot. In those times, are we being obedient to God and his call on our lives, or are we trying to make the rules. We see how God empowered Moses. God had a plan and he needed someone to execute.

God still has a plan. He needs us to execute it for him. We are called to love one another and love God the most. That doesn’t sound all that difficult. We have a daily opportunity to show God’s love to another. Are you taking advantage of those times? Be obedient to God’s calling on your life. You might be surprised on how he shows up to help!

Let’s pray. Lord, I know without a doubt that you are working behind the scenes in my life to help me succeed. I also know that when I try to take the lead I stumble and fall. I don’t ever want to question you or what your mission is for me. I do long for confirmation that I am on the right path for me. It feels like it to me, but I want to be obedient to you. Thank you for shaping me into the person you have made me. May I be the best me I can be. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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