Genesis 46:1-34 – The Wait is Over

Read Genesis 46:1-34

From the time Jacob learned that Joseph was alive until the long-awaited hug, time must have dragged on. You know how that is when you are waiting for something to happen, like summer vacation from school when you were a kid. It seemed like it would never come.

Reunited at last. It was good to see all the brothers, nieces, cousins and such that Jacob’s family, his tribe really, had become. That was some family. I suppose when you are descended from Abraham, who was promised to be the father of many nations, at some point, your descendants begin to explode in number. Continue reading “Genesis 46:1-34 – The Wait is Over”

Genesis 45:16-28 – Happy Day!

Read Genesis 45:16-28

Word travels fast, and soon Pharaoh was involved with the reunion. Because Joseph had been such a blessing to him and his people, Pharaoh wanted to give back. He wanted for all of Joseph’s family to move to Egypt and be given only the finest things. It was Joseph’s families’ turn to be blessed.

I’ve always tried to imagine how Jacob must have felt. When he saw Joseph’s tattered coat, and no sign of Joseph for all these years, he had to assume Joseph was lost forever.  To hear that Joseph was alive and well must have seemed like a dream. A happy day to be sure when it started to sink in. A time to celebrate! Continue reading “Genesis 45:16-28 – Happy Day!”

Genesis 45:1-15 – Family Reunion

Read Genesis 45:1-15

Was it just me, or did you get a little misty-eyed when you read today’s passage? I suppose coming off a week involving a funeral in our family as I write this doesn’t help my emotional stability. Being reunited with family is such a beautiful thing. I knew this reunion was coming for Joseph, but I’m trying to read each day’s passage as if it’s the first time I’ve ever read it. That can be a challenge when you’ve studied the same passage in Sunday School, church, Bible studies, etc.

Can you just picture this reunion happening? Can you imagine the surprised look on his brother’s faces when Joseph revealed himself to them? Of course, Joseph would look much different as an Egyptian official. I’m picturing the long black haired wigs and fancy clothes. Much different than the clothes of a shepherd. An incredulous revelation to be sure. Continue reading “Genesis 45:1-15 – Family Reunion”

Genesis 44:1-34 – Take Me Instead

Read Genesis 44:1-34

If I’ve learned one thing over the past couple weeks reading through Genesis — don’t suggest that someone die if they are found to be guilty. If they had listened to the brothers, Benjamin would be dead. You may recall an earlier story that would have killed Rachel should the idols be found. Of course, the brothers here were also blown away by the mere suggestion they had done something wrong. Again. Deja vu. It wasn’t possible.

Why was Joseph so bent on this deception? If he intended to agonize his brothers, he succeeded. If he wished to put fear and anger into them, he succeeded.  What would happen to Benjamin? Judah must have just wanted to puke. Do you know that feeling you get when something you have been put in charge of goes south? Here we are talking about a brother’s life and a father’s heart. Continue reading “Genesis 44:1-34 – Take Me Instead”

Genesis 43:15-34 – Confess First

Genesis 43:15-34

Do you know that rumbling in the pit of your stomach when you have reason to fear being caught for something? Guilt. Dread. It’s not a fun feeling. You can bet the men in our story were experiencing that as they headed back to Egypt with Benjamin. When they were whisked off to Joseph’s quarters, you can bet that feeling intensified.

They knew they had come prepared to make amends. They didn’t let any time be wasted as they sought out Joseph’s household manager to confess. They had to get it off their chest. They wanted to avoid being called out and perhaps jailed or worse for what happened. Can you relate? Continue reading “Genesis 43:15-34 – Confess First”