1 Timothy 6:11-21

Read 1 Timothy 6:11-21

Today we have Paul’s final instructions to Timothy, but let’s read them as if they are to us today.  What do we see?  We see action.  As followers of Christ we need to:

  • RUN from evil
  • FIGHT the good fight
  • HOLD tightly to eternity
  • OBEY Jesus’ commands

We will encounter evil, you can count on that.  We will need to be wise to recognize it for what it is and then flee from it.  If we try to “fix” it, we run the chance of being caught in its snare.  When we are questioned about our faith, maybe even put to the test and ridiculed, what are we to do? Paul tells us to fight the good fight and stand up for our faith.  We belong to a God who loves us beyond all comprehension, how can we turn from that? Where else can we find total acceptance and love, forgiveness and reconciliation.

We know the answer to “Do you know where you’re going when you die?” It is our destiny to spend eternity with our Lord.  There is a great hope that wells within us at the thought of seeing Jesus face to face.  Hold on to that image when faced with a struggle or persecution.  Jesus has gone before us, suffered and died so that we might have life in him.  He is the only one we can trust for he is truth.  The only way to the father is through him.  We should yearn to obey him at all costs.

Well, you might be thinking, this all sounds good, but is it really that easy? How do I succeed in this life?  We are not called to be rich, but to share the riches we do have with others.  This is true success.  Look at the need around you.  If at first you cannot see it, look harder.  There are needs so great, and we can be used by God as his hands and feet.  What an honor to be used in this way!  Take a moment now and ask God to give you the eyes to see the need he’d like you to fill today.

Let’s pray.  Father we come to you eager to obey and follow you.  We a sk that you fill us with your compassion so we are ready to do your work in this world, to share what you have so generously given us, to make a difference to those around us.  Thank you for your provision.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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