1 Samuel 25:23-38 – It Worked!

Read 1 Samuel 25:23-38

finger print in the shape of a heart

We can see God’s fingerprints all over Abigail’s boldness in our last reading. God was certainly playing the lead role in protecting David from doing something unfitting for a future king. I like the rawness of this story. I can totally imagine it happening as if I was there watching. I love it when the Bible comes alive like that.

David probably underestimated the woman he sees interrupting their journey to vengeance. He was likely very impressed by her boldness and how she effectively offered herself for her husband and community. David, of course, totally rejected the idea of harming this beautiful woman.

What do you think David thought when Abigail spoke? She said, “The LORD will surely reward you with a lasting dynasty, for you are fighting the Lord’s battles.” It was if God was putting the words into her mouth and speaking through her. How else had she known that? She was also apparently very smart and up on current events!

Then, as if she was trying to protect David as well as her own family, she said this. “When the LORD has done all he promised and has made you leader of Israel, don’t let this be a blemish on your record.” She didn’t want David to regret doing something rash and brutal. And, I wonder, how is it that several people who were not at the anointing are all reminding David he’ll soon be king? I’m sure David hadn’t forgotten.

When we set out to accomplish something for the kingdom, we always hope that God is the one steering the ship. As he led Abigail, he can lead us in our own circumstances. Sometimes we notice him, sometimes we don’t. Do you think Abigail noticed and gave God the glory for how he used her that day to confront David?

What fingerprints of God do you see in your life? I call those “God sightings.” It’s a habit we got into when I led a ministry full of children. It was their “job” to report to me all the God sightings they could remember each week.

What were Abigail’s intentions beyond this moment? Had she thought it through? I’m sure she didn’t expect that her husband would end up dead despite her efforts. People can speculate that his shock over what she had done led to his death. But our text is clear, “the LORD struck him, and he died.” Again, God intervened in this story in a powerful way.

How do you see God working in your life? Do you need to look closer? Sometimes we just need to draw closer to him so that we can recognize his mercy in our lives.

praying hands looking up

Let’s pray …
Lord, draw me close to you so that I can feel your presence. Open my eyes so that I can see how you are working in my life so I can give you the glory. Thank you for how you protect and guide me each and every day. May I be refreshed today in my walk with you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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