1 Samuel 19:18-24 – Now What?

Read 1 Samuel 19:18-24

Words Know Jesus, Know Peace, with the NO is red in each case so it could be no Jesus no peace

Now what? David has escaped out a window to run for his life. If he wasn’t afraid before his wife kicked him out, he may be starting to at least wonder what’s up with Saul. What does this all mean for David’s future in Saul’s court or in his army?

The reality of this must have been crashing in. We’ve probably encountered times in our lives when we have had to pivot and ask, “now what?” I think about how the pandemic that started in late 2019 has changed lives in very monumental ways. Businesses grew and died. Brave people isolated and became fearful. Working parents became full time teachers on top of everything else!

What did David do? He went to his trusted, faithful mentor, Samuel. David wanted to surround himself with the man of God who had changed the trajectory of his life when he was anointed king. That’s wisdom for us, too. Turn to our godly friends in times of need. Ask God what the “now what” is for you. Know Jesus – know peace!

God is very much the focus of this reading. His spirit was alive and well. Even Saul was caught prophesying. This must have been quite a change after the spectacle he had been making. “The people who were watching exclaimed, “What? Is even Saul a prophet?” Yes, that was uncharacteristic to be sure!

What do we make of this turn of events? Saul was bound and determined to kill David. When he got the report that David had gone to Samuel, what was going through his mind? Saul remembers the kind of help Samuel had been for him when he was starting out as king. His fury had to be nearing the boiling point.

I have to wonder what all the prophesying was about. Yet, that doesn’t seem to be the point of this reading. Instead, the take-away is that God intervened to save his future king, David, from capture and death. David turned to God and God answered in a mighty, unexpected way. Saul’s evil plan came to a screeching halt that day.

We may have seen God work in unexpected ways in our own lives. I’ve even said God has a sense of humor. When my husband retired, I remember thinking how sad it was I had just heard him preach his last sermon. God already knew I would only have to wait another couple years and my husband (also named David) would be preaching again every week.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again because we can’t hear it enough. God has our backs. He has our best in mind. We are the ones who often mess it up when we choose to go our own way. It’s not that we don’t have choices, but it’s how we make those choices that matters. Are we reacting to our surroundings and enticements, or are we creating the life of abundance God intends for us?

praying hands looking up

Let’s pray …
Lord, it can be frightening when the plan changes and we have to deal with those changes. I pray that you’ll give me a heart that stays flexible and open to the moving of your spirit inside me. May I be in tune with your perfect plan. Lord, keep me focused on you and show me how you want me to be a shining light in this dark world. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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