1 Samuel 19:1-10 – Watch Out!

Read 1 Samuel 19:1-10

David is going to need to be careful. He has done only good things for Saul, making Saul look better. Yet, this tormenting spirit is really in control of Saul’s thinking. Good thing for David that he has such a friend in Jonathan.

Jonathan’s devotion to David is a bit astounding. To support David he has to, in effect, turn away from his own father. That doesn’t seem to be an easy thing for children, particularly male children to their fathers. There is also the expectation that exists that sons follow in their father’s footsteps.

Jonathan did a fine job of trying to talk reason to his father. He showed great respect while at the same time supporting David. One might think it worked when we read these words from Saul. “As surely as the LORD lives, David will not be killed.”

That was what Jonathan wanted to hear. But Saul’s frame of mind was messed up, and he wasn’t in God’s good graces. Saul had to be questioning his own feelings toward God and that statement wasn’t as powerful as it could have been.

David was fortunate once again when Saul’s spear came hurling at him. Just a few chapters ago it seems like David had the same thing happen to him. In that account, we heard he was safe twice. I wonder if this was the remembrance of the other occurrence? Either way, it would definitely be unnerving to be on edge all the time.

I don’t think Saul intentionally lied to his son about not killing David. We are just seeing a very unstable king. These “spirits” that are described are a very good way of describing the mental instability Saul was facing. Saul seems to be losing his mind and alienating everyone around him. God was allowing that, but was it for punishment for his disobedience? We might even think of various mental diagnoses we are now aware of that could also explain Saul’s actions.

While we may not have to dodge hurling spears, literally, we have plenty of attacks coming our way in terms of messages we receive from the world. It seems like there is a frenzy of evil spirits tempting people into acting in ways that are not loving.

Do we ask, “what would Jesus do?” so that we can live our lives accordingly? What happens when our own opinions of what Jesus would do differ? Don’t we find ourselves even appalled at what some of our brothers and sisters are doing?

We need to watch out and guard our own hearts and minds. Stand on the truth of Scripture. Ask God to reveal himself to you. Surround yourself with other believers and trust their wisdom. When all are in alignment, we can have assurance we’ve armed ourselves appropriately for battle.

How are you preparing? What dangers have you seen that we should watch out for?

praying hands looking up

Let’s pray …
Lord, there are so many dangers and distractions surrounding me and everyone I love. I feel a sense of darkness descending on this world and know that you are the only true light. Shine brightly through me so that others can find you and cling to you like I am. Light my way so that I can find you and grow closer to you each day. Protect me, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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