1 Kings 6:1-13 – The Structure

Read 1 Kings 6:1-13

construction site picture showing person in hard hat cutting wood

Do you feel like you just started a guided tour? Can’t you just hear the tour guide talking over his mobile microphone, giving you all the measurements, dates, and such so you can know the historical elements of the building? We are just beginning with the picture of God’s new dwelling place.

Am I the only one that got out a piece of paper and sketched what this might have looked like? I’m very visual, and often I try to create something tangible to look at using the description I am given. In this case, I have a nice narrow rectangle with a smaller rectangle jutting out from the front.

Such detail! God thought it necessary for us to know how the timber we read about in the last reading was actually going to be used. It was also important that we realize how many years had elapsed since God first brought his people into the promised land. Think of how many generations that is, if one generation is roughly 20-25 years. We might wonder who recorded all of this? Was it someone who actually saw it or were there drawings?

Beyond the actual structure itself, we hear from God in verses 12 and 13. “Concerning this Temple you are building, if you keep all my decrees and regulations and obey all my commands, I will fulfill through you the promise I made to your father, David. I will live among the Israelites and will never abandon my people Israel.” This is a big if!

Could Solomon follow all the decrees? What would it look like if God abandoned his people? On the one hand, that’s a lot of pressure to put on the king in terms of expectations. On the other, how helpful to know exactly what is expected.

When I think of the building of the temple, it’s good to see it starts with a firm foundation. All good building projects realize the critical importance a strong footing and base on which to build. We can think of our lives needing a good foundation of faith to be strong. We need to be ready to weather the storms of life and the temptations of the enemy.

This is the structure of our lives. How do we build on our faith? It’s more than just showing up on Sunday mornings to meet with other believers. What does each day look like? Does our “structure” include time spent with God?

How are you building your life on a foundation of God’s truth? Take some time today to think about what’s important to you. What are those structures or belief systems that you hold dear, that guide your path?

praying hands looking up

Let’s pray …
Father God, You are faithful and full of mercy. You have shown me and given me a firm foundation of faith upon which I can build my life. Help me to rely on you to shield me from temptation and the enemy. Fill my heart and mind with thoughts of you and your kingdom. Open my heart to be ready to serve you in ways that you desire. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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