1 Kings 1:5-27 – Who Will Be King?

Read 1 Kings 1:5-27

Talk about taking advantage of a situation. We see one of David’s sons, Adonijah, decide to make himself king. Adonijah is not the first of David’s sons to pull a stunt like this. The passage doesn’t say anything about God blessing Adonijah’s plan. David hadn’t reprimanded Adonijah either, but appears he may not have known this was all going on.

Adonijah’s plans become known to the king thanks to his wife, Bathsheba and his trusted prophet, Nathan. Both fear that the king will soon die leaving the throne in the hands of Adonijah. We don’t know Adonijah’s motives, but certainly he is enjoying the attention, the feasting, and tricking everyone to follow him as new king. Didn’t anybody wonder why David was not involved in the announcement? Why do you think some of David’s trusted inner circle chose to help Adonijah?

Having good leadership in place is key to having a smooth operation. Apparently, David had thought that Solomon would make a better king and had made a vow before the Lord to Bathsheba, Solomon’s mother, that her son would be rightful successor to the throne. If this was going to happen, David would have to intervene.

I read an interesting statement about this passage in a commentary. Was this vow business just something Bathsheba and Nathan conjured up trying to trick a senile king? I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of a second “conspiracy.” This is the first time we hear about Solomon becoming king.

No matter, the situation remains the same. David needs to take action and address the identify of his successor. In the meantime, Adonijah is attracting a lot of attention. After all, we hear that he is “very handsome.” Is that the kind of leader that would be good for the people? What are the qualities you think make up an effective leader?

Take some time today to reflect on leadership roles you currently have or have held in the past. How were you assigned to that position? What was the outcome of your tenure as a leader?

praying hands looking up

Let’s pray …
Lord, thank you for the times you’ve put me in leadership roles. I know I have often felt unprepared or ill-equipped until you have given me what I need. I pray now that you will bless the leadership position you have given me. I feel it is God-appointed, the best kind. Shine through me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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