Judges 18:1-31 – Don’t Be Hollow

Read Judges 18:1-31

hollow logs cut and laying on the ground

I wondered where they’d been all this time. Not really! I didn’t even know they were missing. That is, this was news to me that the tribe of Dan had never made it to the coast to claim their land. The tribe of Dan would have been given land to the West of Ephraim, all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. The lands of Judah and Benjamin also shared a border to the Southeast.

We do hear again of the towns of Zorah and Eshtaol. These towns were in the same vicinity where the events of Samson’s life took place. I understand they are found in Judah. To be in Ephraim, to meet with the Levite in Micah’s house, they had traveled north a ways.

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Judges 5:12-23 – It Wasn’t My Battle

Read Judges 5:12-23

two dogs looking like they are going to fight

The story of Deborah has many facets to uncover. As we walk through her “song,” we are reminded of what transpired that day. Who were the players who got involved? Of note are also those who didn’t show up to represent God’s army. Why do I get the impression that this may have caused some alarm?

We know from an earlier passage that Barak had recruited the tribes of Zebulun and Naphtali. It would seem that the other tribes who came to make a contribution were an added bonus. There are even two tribes that aren’t mentioned one way or another, Judah and Simeon. They were perhaps otherwise engaged, but certainly not called on by Barak. For those who stayed home, could it be it wasn’t their battle to fight?

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