Judges 5:24-31 – Two Different Perspectives

Read Judges 5:24-31

We meet two women with very different perspectives about this man, Sisera. His mother and the woman who killed him. It’s a bit interesting that Jael wasn’t even one of the Israelites being oppressed. However, we understand that her people, the Kenites, were allies with the Israelites and had some family tie back to Moses. Yet, her tribe was also known to be on friendly terms with Sisera’s boss, the king!

Jael was in an interesting place to be sure. We know that Deborah spoke God’s plan aloud to Barak that the victory would come at the hand of a woman. We can then be confident God knew in advance he would be using Jael that day. I’m not sure Jael got out of bed that day thinking she would be the “most blessed among women.”

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