Proverbs 19:1-14 – Slow Down!

Read Proverbs 19:1-14

While there are a lot of gems in today’s reading, verse 2 is the one we’ll reflect on. It says, “Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes.” Why did I choose this one? I suppose because I have always been a very enthusiastic person. I can get very caught up in the excitement of a new product, a new experience, new friends, new assignment, etc. I often look around and see somber faces when I am bubbling up from inside wondering, “what’s wrong with them? Why isn’t everyone as animated as I am?”

They are probably better discerners than I am. They are waiting to get excited until after they do their due diligence and investigate to gain knowledge. Is this even something worth their time? They want to make sure their enthusiasm is well-founded. Of course, that just makes sense. When we hurry and rush into a decision, we are leaving ourselves wide open to make mistakes and ultimately the wrong decision.

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Matthew 7:15-23 – True or False?

Read Matthew 7:15-23

There is a lot to digest in this passage. There’s more to it than just good and bad fruit trees. On the surface, we may miss how serious Jesus’ warning to us is. This is because we don’t realize how it applies to us. After all, we don’t see a lot of prophets like John the Baptist or Isaiah running around these days. For this passage, think of a prophet as someone who speaks “in the name of the Lord.” A religious teacher or leader would fit the bill.

The church is supposed to be a safe place for us sheep. But Jesus tells us there will be teachers who disguise themselves as ravenous wolves to devour the sheep (us), or at least lead us astray. If we can’t trust our church leaders who can we trust? Jesus. We can trust Jesus.

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