Jeremiah 9:17-26 – In Whom We Boast

Read Jeremiah 9:17-26

man with open mouth as if shouting

Some people really have a hard time with pride. Their obsessive ambition seems dependent upon the recognition they receive. They expend so much energy in achieving their goals that any thought of God is distant and far from their minds.

On the other extreme, we see athletes, for example, who gush on and on about how God brought the victory! God did win the battle over sin and death. That is the only victory we should concern ourselves with when it comes to boasting.

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Micah 3:1-12 – Boast in the Lord

Read Micah 3:1-12

man shouting praise to God

Micah calls out to the leaders to listen. This message is for them. Leaders include rulers, priests, and prophets in charge of telling the people about God’s ways and expectations. It wasn’t like people had their own Bibles sitting on the shelf with everything they needed to know. The people had to rely on their leaders to tell them about God.

These leaders needed a wake-up call. They were more interested in the bribes they’d receive and in supporting themselves rather than relying on God and teaching truth. I know the struggle, even today, for pastors leading churches and feeling like their hands are tied when “big donors” expect their own agendas will be recognized, even when the good of the congregation is the other direction. Interesting comparison.

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