Psalm 11

Read Psalm 11

God is still in charge and interacting with his creation.  I believe that and does the psalmist.  That’s a good thing for all Americans following the recent election.  No matter what your party affiliation, we know that God, our heavenly Father, is still in control.  He may be ruling from on high, and at times feel he is hiding, but his is ruling and watching.  That thought alone, that he is watching our every move, can be a bit daunting, or possibly invigorating depending on your point of view and how you are behaving.  We are being watched and observed by the creator of the universe.

And, we know that God loves justice.  Before retiring, I had worked in the legal field for many years, most of which involved trial prep and litigation. We were striving for justice, the world’s justice.  But perhaps what we see in our society as “justice” is not really God’s justice, for how are we to know the mind and heart of God.  This is a point to discern and could probably lead to much controversy.  Suffice it to say, God wants justice for his people.

What emotions do you feel when you imagine God watching you?  Think of your actions over the last 24 hours.  Have you worshiped?  Have you prayed?  Have you been a servant?  Have you gossiped?  Have you acted in ways pleasing to God?  Wow, that puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? In this frantic season of preparing for Christmas, it seems there are just so many things pulling our attention away from God.  Funny, isn’t it, that it is God who did the amazing, crazy love kind of thing at Christmas, sent his one and only Son!  Yet, we sometimes forget and focus on gifts, parties, cookie baking.

So, I challenge you.  Take 10 minutes now and just be quiet in God’s presence.  Set aside all distractions.  Revel in his love, in the newborn King, laying in the manger and what he did for you.

Let’s pray.  Lord thank you for watching over me and those I love, even when we are not aware.  Help me to be an encouragement and reminder to others that you are active among us and are the one and only ruling king. Thank you for sending Jesus!  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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