Micah 7:1-6 – Loneliness

Read Micah 7:1-6

lonely man sitting on a bench with his back to us

The life of a prophet can be lonely, especially when “the godly people have all disappeared.” It’s getting to be the same for us Christ-followers these days. Do you ever feel like you’re in the minority because of your faith? Perhaps you’ve been ridiculed in some way or even “unfriended” on social media. These are trying times, to be sure. While I’m not a prophet, I am an ambassador for Christ and that can also be very lonely.

If we take Micah’s example and keep doing what we’re called to do (tell people about Jesus), then we can appear confident, sure of God’s protection. Micah had an unpopular message from God, and rather than hide it, he exposed it. We don’t have Micah’s job but imagine all the flaming darts being flung at you right now, and then realize God is deflecting most of them. The spiritual battle is real.

If, like Micah, we’re also surrounded by dangerous people thriving on evil deeds like Micah, what do we need to do? Gear up for battle, I suppose. What sort of gear will we need? God’s word for starters is a great weapon of wisdom! The “armor” suggested in Ephesians 6 came up recently when we were talking about evil in Micah 2.

I almost feel like Micah is speaking directly to me when he says, “Don’t trust anyone.” This warning goes way beyond the wisdom we were given as children, “don’t talk to (or take candy from) strangers.” Remember that? It seems like our society is being brainwashed to be fearful. Most recently, our fear meter took a hit with a deadly virus called COVID. Before that, a huge shift occurred after living through the events of September 11th back in 2001.

Our “happy-go-lucky” existence has been threatened for some time. Yet, the threat facing Micah’s first audience was judgment day and exile. We will face our own judgment day. But for believers, we should not fear that day but be looking forward to the ultimate joy we’ll find with God. Our “happily ever after” will be ours once we receive the gift of salvation that has been given to us.

While we wait for that day, we can expect some loneliness. If we surround ourselves only with believers, we may not be lonely, but we’ll potentially be leaving behind many who need to know about Jesus. We have the good news ready to share. We just need to find the people ready to hear.

I look around and see what Jesus was talking about when he sent out his disciples (that’s us now!) in Luke 10:2. “The harvest is great, but the workers are few.” What are we supposed to do to equip ourselves or our army of workers? Jesus told us, “So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.”

We don’t have to be lonely. We can pray for (1) helpers and (2) for the audience to be ready. That second one is a piece I often forget. It is the Holy Spirit who convicts us and blossoms our faith. We are in partnership with the Holy Spirit when we are “harvesting.” The Holy Spirit is getting our audience ready!

Ask the Holy Spirit to go before you any time you question your steps. You will be guided and given the right words to say. Sharing your experience is always a good, comfortable place to start. I know from my own life that the Holy Spirit’s words are so much better than anything I could have ever thought up. Don’t be afraid to step out to help another be renewed in their faith in Christ.

praying hands looking up

Let’s pray. Lord, it can be lonely in this world when we feel like we are the only ones truly following you. Yet, that means there are so many people that need you. Help me to have eyes to see those people. I pray you’ll go before me and light the fire in their hearts. Give me boldness to speak for you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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