Matthew 24:15-28 – End Times (Part 2)

Read Matthew 24:15-28

Jesus continues to answer his disciples questions about end times. They didn’t realize what they were asking. When Jesus spoke of the temple being demolished, they wanted to know when. That opened up a whole “can of worms” so to speak. Jesus didn’t leave it at the one answer they sought. Why? Because the answer was so much bigger than that simple question.

The destruction of the temple was only the beginning of what would be a continuous movement for years toward the end times. We are living in the end times. So were they. We need to keep in mind all of this is in God’s timing. Everything, not just the end times.

While Jesus’ words were directed toward his disciples, they can ring true for us. We need to be on the lookout for these signs, too. There continues to be a movement away from God. We need to stand firm and cling tightly to God’s promises for us. His grace is sufficient, do you believe that?

We need to run to Jesus. We need to be clothed in his grace and mercy. We need to be ready to drop anything for him, too. If he were to return today, would you be ready? Would your loved ones be ready? That can be scary when we have friends or loved ones who don’t have the same trust in Jesus we do. We need to give it to God.

Let’s pray. Lord, thank you for your promised return. I know not when it will be, but I know I need to be ready. I want to be your shining light so that others will see and want to be followers, too. You have give me such a rich inheritance. I am forever grateful. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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