Luke 6:1-11 – What Does Your Sabbath Look Like?

Read Luke 6:1-11

Sabbath is a day set aside for rest and worship. In the Jewish tradition, that is abstinence from work from Friday evening until Saturday evening. For Christians, that would be observed on Sunday. Back when I was a child (the old days, as my kids would say), many stores were closed on Sundays. Not so today.

So what exactly is Sabbath? The Pharisees were certainly strict about it. But then they were so law driven and seemingly strict about everything. You will recall one of the 10 Commandments tells us to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Interesting that this command starts with the word “remember.” I don’t think we are doing that great at remembering, do you?

Now, a lot of us go to church on Sunday. But what happens after that? Do we come home and cook a meal? Do we do some laundry, go shopping, mow the grass? Or do we come home and continue our time of worship, take a nap, read the Bible, and spend the remainingΒ  hours of our day in prayer? I think the latter is what God intended for us. I’m guilty, a sinner.

Having a day of rest sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Of course, God would have that in his perfect plan for us. Work hard for 6 days, and then rest on the 7th, just as he did. When we rest, we need to be giving thanks for all the blessings we have received.

So, the Pharisees here are really just trying to keep the letter of the law and keep the Sabbath holy. They had their religious system all worked out. Jesus didn’t fit in their mold. They didn’t see him for what he was, WHO he was. Could we be missing Jesus, too?

Jesus wasn’t doing away with the Sabbath, because clearly that is still important to him. He wanted us to know we could be less rigid in our observance. Jesus wanted us to see that human need is more important than human rules and regulations. Further, that he, as God, had created Sabbath, and therefore his authority trumped the rules. The Creator is always greater than the creation.

So, how do you spend your Sabbath rest? Are you feeling a little guilty that maybe you haven’t been keeping it as holy as you should? Me, too.

Let’s pray. Father forgive me that I have been forgetful of your command to keep the Sabbath holy and rest in you. I have been so focused on other things. I will try and do a better job of keeping one day available for only you and my human needs. Thank you for the reminder today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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