Luke 23:26-43 – Watch the Lamb

Read Luke 23:26-43

Crucifixion is such a horrible way to die. Sometimes we forget. We wear crosses to signify our Christian heritage, but we are wearing a symbol of extreme torture. We can not forget what Jesus endured for us. The cross can be our reminder.

The ridicule, the mockery, the pain, and agony. This passage made me think of a song sung at our church in Parkersburg during Lent by one of my favorite vocalists! You can listen to Watch the Lamb HERE. The video is very powerful and helps us to see the story come to life through the eyes of Simon, the Cyrene.

Our lamb, Jesus, slaughtered for us. As we continue our walk through Holy Week, we need to pause on this scene. As Jesus’ life flashes before our eyes, we see his humble birth, his teaching, his healing, his servant heart. Jesus felt anger, sadness and frustration like we do. His pain would be no different.

How does it make you feel to know that Jesus did all of this for you? There are so many beautiful songs written about Jesus’ sacrifice for us, and another one of my favorites by Sandi Patty was introduced to me by my dear friend, Jill. Listen to The Day He Wore My Crown HERE.

Jesus gave himself for us. Think about that.

Let’s pray. Father, I am so moved today as I spend time in your word, reliving the day you wore my crown. You are the lamb for all, and your sacrifice for us should never be trivialized. Forgive me when I rush through my time with you or don’t give you my full attention. You deserve my best, my all. I am particularly moved today by your forgiving heart. You know what’s in our heart and our devotion to you. Even in your dying breath you forgave the one seeking forgiveness, and even those who didn’t realize what they were doing. Help me with  my own struggles to forgive.  You have shown me the way, now please hold my hand and walk with me. With all my heart and adoration, I lift your name on high. My gratitude flows over as I grasp the magnitude of your sacrifice for me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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