Luke 14:15-24 – Let’s Party

Read Luke 14:15-24

Do you ever make excuses at the last minute for not attending a gathering you’re invited to? I’m trying to remember doing so, but I know I’ve had it done to me. It’s like the people decided at the last minute that a better offer came along. I always struggled with that because for me, a commitment is a commitment. If I say I’m going to do something (or don’t say I’m not), I am committed to that thing. I call it integrity or being considerate.

So what happens in the story Jesus tells to illustrate the banquet? The people first invited were not considerate. They did not keep their word at attending the feast. That’s a frustrating feeling for the one holding the feast. The anticipation of a party, of being around friends, of being able to share and make a memory. Rather than call the party off when no guests were expected – the feast holder went to Plan B and invited people he didn’t know, people less fortunate and not accustomed to such celebrations. 

So what does this say for us? Jesus has invited us to be with him in eternity. He has paid the price for us and is preparing a special place of honor for us. Have we readily accepted his invitation? Or, are we giving him excuses that we aren’t ready to follow him yet, that we are too busy to spend time being his friend, that we’re doing just fine without his help.

If we miss the banquet, we miss it all. Jesus said, “For none of those I first invited will get even the smallest taste of my banquet.” Those first invited blew off the invitation for silly reasons. Little did they know what they had just given up. Are we being silly?

We know that Jesus does not have favorites. This story would suggest that all are welcome to the feast. How do we respond? That is up to us. The invitations have been sent. Have we RSVP’d yet? What are we waiting for? There will not be a better offer. Isn’t it time that we made the commitment to follow Jesus. He has placed the seal on our hearts. We are destined for eternal life, if only we accept the invitation.

How do you respond today?

Let’s pray. Father God, you are the master banquet holder. You have prepared a place for me, and I readily accept your invitation to attend. I know you have more for me to do here before the party starts. Use me to help others recognize this great invitation and to make a commitment to follow you. It is with joy and thanksgiving that I accept your course for my life. May I stay on task and keep my eyes focused on you. There are so many ways to go astray. Thank you for the strength to withstand Satan’s attempts to lure me away. I revel in your mercy and love today.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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